Introducing the conference

The tourism industry has its own characteristics, dynamic industry with a bright future and is considered to be among the industries that would be tied with other knowledge. Investment in the industry is increasing in all countries with tourist attractions. Today, attract foreign tourists to increased competition among institutions involved in the tourism industry has become. Tourism for countries with tourist attractions such as Iran could become an important source of foreign exchange earnings. Provided that accurate and comprehensive planning with foresight to set up and run it. Therefore, this industry can be replaced by single product economy's oil revenue. there is time. Also employment in the industry is high and human resources it needs long term training is not required. Tourism in regions and countries will be the decisive importance of the visit confirmed that the most important antiquities and other phenomena of form and volume and size. This type of tourism in the countries with the problem of trained manpower, including Tour and tour guides will be effective. Electronic tourism for people like researchers to study solely on the gravity of the visit is very useful. Because to the extent possible, study or research in their own lives

The oil industry after industry, an important option for foreign exchange earnings in the country. there, within a country can be found. construction acceptable. Now tourism is the main obstacle in the way, Iran's relations with the outside world. The organizations called on the countries of the world (National Tourism Organization) NTA that the relationship between the public and private sectors

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