Conference topics

Tourism and environment

Tourism and Geography

Tourism and aquatic ecosystems and wetlands

Tourism in protected areas, national parks and forest

Tourism and land use

Tourists on the beaches

Tourism and Sustainable Development

Urban and rural tourism

Tourism and climate models

Strategies targeting the tourism management

Cultural and religious tourism

Tourism and Museums

Tourism and geotourism

Electronic Tourism

Tourism and economy

Tourism and Security

Tourism and globalization

Tourism and Women

Tourism and Architecture

Nomadic rural tourism

Climate change and tourism

The role of industry in the management of transport and tourism growth

Training and Tourism Tourism

Tourism and local music

Literary tourism

Sport tourism mountain, desert hiking, cycling tourism, skiing, etc

The tourism and geography in spatial planning

The sixth program development capacity, geographic and socioeconomic country

Demographic challenges and prospects for the Iranian population geography

Sustainable Tourism Development

Understanding the capabilities and capacities of tourism development in Iran

Applied geomorphology and environmental planning

Environmental hazards and reducing vulnerability

And all matters related to tourism, geography and environment

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